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Massage Treatments

Full Body Massage - 1hr


Using a tailored blend of essential oils to help relax the mind, body & soul...this powerful massage will soothe aching tired muscles, aid lymphatic drainage, promoting well being throughout the whole body. 

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage - 30mins 


Performed using a combination of relaxing massage techniques & essential oils to relieve the stress and tension built up in the back, neck and shoulder area. 

Deep Tissue Full Body Massage - 1hr 


The perfect treatment if you prefer a deeper, more firm massage and are carrying a lot of stress and tension throughout your body. Ideal for clients who have sporting injuries, spend a lot of time exercising or have a physical job and require some relief! 

Deep Tissue Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage - 30mins


A firm massage focussing on relieving deep set muscular tension. Performeb by applying deep, firm pressure to target the inner layers of muscle and connective tissue. Particularly beneficial for those who suffer with migraines, eye strain, headaches and back pain.

Scalp, Face, Neck & Shoulder Massage - 30 mins


Find relief from stress and tension headaches, common knots and tension from the neck and shoulders, eyestrain, sinus problems. Balancing the body, encouraging circulation and deep relaxation.

Indian Head Massage - 40 mins 


The ideal treatment to help unwind and relieve stress from the face, scalp and upper back using pressure points & massage techniques

Rejuvinating Foot & Leg Massage - 30 mins 


The ideal massage for tired, aching feet. Using a combination of accupressure and lymphatic drainage massage techniques - this treatment will help reduce swollen ankles and increase circulation. Leaving you feeling like you are walking on air!

Seated Accupressure Massage - 40 mins


Seated accupressure massage is performed whilst sitting on an on-site massage chair. This massage uses accupressure techniques to help reduce the effects of backache, muscular tension and eye strain. The ideal massage for those spending long hours in an office, working at a computer desk or for those who require the use of upper body such as carers or nurses. 

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